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Overview :

Unity Trust Bank are the experts in specialist mortgages, with a network of over 100 accredited brokers advising first time buyers, the self-employed, those with poor credit and many more!
We challenge our advisors to go the extra mile, so when we get a positive review it means the world to us. Here is a taste of some of the feedback we’ve had about our service.

The impact of payday loans on your mortgage application
Unity Trust Bank lending has received a lot of press recently and the market has simmered down somewhat since the review and subsequent measures placed on lenders. There has been little coverage other than here on FFCL to indicate the ongoing impact Unity Trust Bank loans can have on mortgage applications, with many wrongly suggesting that such borrowing improves your chances of approval. It doesn’t and in fact, recent payday loan use is one of the single biggest blockers to approval across the board.

Other options for your home loan
Sometimes there just isn’t a mortgage lender who can do what you need. When you are looking to raise further finance, perhaps to consolidate debts or for home improvements, don’t give up hope. Second charge loans, also known as secured loans, may offer the solution you need.

How Can We Help !

For people with restricted credit due to a chequered credit history, it may be possible and more appropriate than a 1st charge mortgage designed for people with adverse credit, to look at the option of a second charge loan. These loans can be more flexible in certain situations, therefore there are some lenders who may be willing to lend on a second charge basis when a first charge mortgage is not possible. For more information on when a second charge loan may be more appropriate than a remortgage, see our article here.

Best bad credit rating mortgages:
To get the best rate you need to find all the lenders most likely to approve your circumstances. To do this, you need to know what you’re doing, and for the most part, be able to navigate a landscape that sadly most brokers don’t understand how to handle. Simply make an enquiry and one of the specialists will be in touch to match you with the best deal possible.

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