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Overview :

Why choose our Visa Debit card?

Access your money anywhere, anytime with a Business Visa Debit Card. Pay for your business expenses anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide, including online, in-store and over the phone.

Visa payWave
For transactions under $100, just wave your Visa Debit Card and go, wherever Visa PayWave is accepted.

Worldwide Acceptance
Pay for your business expenses and purchases online, over the phone and wherever Visa is accepted, and withdraw cash from over 2.2 million ATMs worldwide. Visa’s Global Customer Assistance Services provides customer assistance anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Fraud protection
Press the ‘credit’ button in-store when using your Visa Debit Card, and you’ll be protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy* that covers you for fraudulent or unauthorised transactions. If you notice any unauthorised transactions on your statement, contact Unity Trust Bank immediately.

How Can We Help !